Message from the President of Board :

Understanding Poverty and Social Disparities

Poverty has been around since the creation of the world. Human beings were created equal in rights and dignity, but this is not the case when it comes to economic opportunities. Some of us starve to death, while others don’t even know what feeling hungry feels like. There are across this planet kids and adults feeding themselves out of dumpsters full of trashes from those who have more than what they really need. There are so many factors linked to this unfortunate situation and to my own opinion, there is no better picture to depict poverty and social disparities.

We all do understand that there are some humankind factors like the lack of clear policies and strategies to better prevent or respond to poverty and its root causes. But it is also clear that natural causes like geographic conditions and limited resources within a country may affect the living conditions of its inhabitants. We have over the past heard of economic struggles in the third world, but nowadays poverty has expanded and is even deepening in other countries formerly labeled as economically safer places. The definition of social disparities and poverty has shifted from its traditional meaning, to also include the economic shrinkage due to the heavy debt crisis and states’ failure to better respond to today’s real challenges. It is not about the third world anymore, but about the whole world as anyone at anytime; can be affected by this global situation which also requires extra efforts for better and sustainable responses. This is the only way to bring to our communities hope and support they need in order to overcome their socioeconomic problems.

There is also a need to think local, but act global because if we only address our local problems without considering our struggling neighbors, the risk is what we’re currently experiencing whereas the poor, for remaining poor for so long has somehow impacted the economic conditions of the rich as well, especially with the current inability by the poor to repay their debt or afford new loans. Immigration is no longer a pathway to economic opportunities because unemployment is looming everywhere. Supporting all struggling individuals in their local communities, rather than creating conditions that lead them into exile is the only sustainable solution to poverty. The Center for Positive Responses to Poverty and Social Disparities is a New Hampshire, US based not-for-profit agency with worldwide interventions; which was created to supplement existing initiatives, but with an emphasis on advocacy for change, training and research on poverty and social disparities, community-based solutions to local specific issues, and more importantly, with a focus on education because we believe that by promoting education, we also promote a better understanding of our own situations, and work accordingly towards sustainable solutions.

By donating a pen, a pencil or a notebook you are helping a kid somewhere across the world to attend school.

We thank you in advance for your endless support, and it is our hope that you will agree with us on our approaches and areas of interventions, give us a constructive feedback, join our efforts as a member or a volunteer, make a donation and/or sponsor one of our many community and education projects across the world.

Theo B. Ganza, MS & MA

Founder and President of Board of Directors

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